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Sardinia is a mystical, ancient land which is very close to my heart. So, when I was asked to do a series of paintings and drawings for the Lecca family restaurants : Shardana, Blue Sardinia and Pastaout in Guildford, I began with images of the very rich culture and traditions that the island is famous for. I was inspired by the murals of Orgosolo which are famous for their political and cultural messages. In fact these murals became an important means of communication for the local people, and I wanted to convey this sense of communication and community to the viewer of the paintings. I decided that the artwork had to reflect the deep and ancient traditions of the island as well as a sense of the people and community, from the elderly to the shepherds. Sardinia is also a place of colour and the work would not be as effective without the vibrancy of the island's colours - especially the homes and costumes that bombard the senses of onlookers. Most impressive for me has been the mountain region of Seulo, best known for its longevity as a blue zone and of course the bright blue coastline that stands out like a blue jewel. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this work which is so different to my more conceptual art. I particularly enjoyed the abstraction and compositional organisation of the pieces. Click on works below for more information:
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