'Everything is linked in some manner, like the layers in petals or the lines in maps. Our identity and our culture is an intricate overlapping of many parts. The flower is a symbol of both femininity and cultural heritage. It can represent both a colonial past and a multicultural future. It is these layers I wish to explore.' Bianca Hendicott

Bianca Hendicott is a multidisciplinary artist whose work has centred on the ephemeral nature of light in physics and photosynthesis, along with a fascination for the botanical reproductive system and

cultural mapping. It consists of prints, film, poetry, sculpture and various other experimental multi-media works. Using flowers as symbols for colonial cultivation she explores the tense and dynamic colonial and post-colonial relationships that exist in her own heritage.

Her more recent work explores cultural heritage and autobiography through textiles, painting and illustrated poetry. Key themes address issues such as race, culture, feminism, domestic abuse, the home and motherhood. She is interested in language – both visual/symbolic, written and oral.

 There is an overarching focus on colour and form in all her pieces which express dreamlike landscapes and even terrifying nightmares.

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